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  • Discover places

    Traveling in a new places and looking for secret courses and nice views? Your local Running Guide will tour you through a 30min city run or maybe a full 4h trail course!

  • Discover people

    Kind of lazy today, not really self-motivated to kick off your running shoes? Your local Running Guide will offer you the pull you're looking for, from dawn to dusk and even under the moonlight!

  • Discover runs

    Bored to do "Your Wednesday evening run" or "Your Sunday morning routine", week after week? Your local Running Guide has "THE run" going through the hidden passages and passing by nicest locations around here: just let her be your head!

Site under temporarily closure due to sanitary recommandations from WHO (who?)

Team from Tour My Run would really let you go but it appears safer to keep you in. Jump, rope, squat, drink...but please wait for Covid to leave for all of us to live!